Industry 4.0 is the future, also in mechanical and plant engineering. As a manufacturer of heavy industrial fans with our own service team, we know exactly what our customers' needs and goals are. With the new FANGUARD® smart fan monitoring system, you get an Industry 4.0 solution for industrial fans that is tailored exactly to your needs.

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  • Intelligent system for digital monitoring

  • For you as a plant operator, this means: Higher competitiveness through reduction of maintenance costs, optimization of maintenance strategies and avoidance of plant downtimes through 24/7 monitoring.

    • Higher productivity through optimized maintenance
    • Cost reduction through avoidance of downtimes
    • Fast reaction to malfunctions
    • Digital control rounds
    • Important information immediately & paperless
    • Easy analysis of measured data

    Thanks to simple operation, intuitive user interface and effortless reading of machine data, control rounds can be carried out quickly and easily in the future with the help of FANGUARD®. The data transmitted via WiFi can be conveniently read and evaluated using a mobile device. Thanks to continuous data acquisition, faults can be rectified before the plant breaks down; maintenance measures are carried out in advance and no longer have to be planned.


FANGUARD® enables longer running times by analyzing plant and machine data. The operational performance of the fans is increased through optimal use of the remaining service life; unnecessary downtime can be avoided. Ineffective maintenance measures are eliminated because faults can be corrected in advance. Data and events that indicate a possible failure are combined from different sources and evaluated, an alarm is issued.

FANGUARD® can be operated with various sensors to measure a wide range of operating data:
  • Speed
  • Vibration severity
  • Bearing temperature
  • Bearing vibration
  • 3 free sensors 4-20 mA
  • Bearing monitoring according to DIN ISO 13373-3
  • Transmission of measurement data via Modbus-TCP

Mobile end devices can be connected independently of the platform. Thanks to the simple installation and setup and foolproof operation, the handling is easy to learn. Operating and maintenance instructions as well as installed accessories are integrated and can be called up at any time. In the event of damage, faults are easier to rectify because the service technician has access to trend data. But in the best case, problems do not arise in the first place: With FANGUARD®, malfunctions are detected and can be corrected before they can cause serious damage. FANGUARD® supports the digital equipping of new plants, but is also ideally suited for the modernization of old plants.

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