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  • The chemical and petrochemical industries present a variety of challenges for industrial fans. The environment created by mixing chemicals, vapors and corrosive substances can impact the longevity of radial fans. When working with Pollrich, benefit from custom products designed specifically to meet these unique requirements in the harshest conditions, with high reliability and durability. An advanced design ensures maximum efficiency at minimum cost and offers low noise levels in working environments thanks to optimized design features.

Challenges for industrial fans in the chemical and petrochemical industries

The chemical and petrochemical industries present many unique challenges for industrial fans. The highly reactive nature of the materials used in these industries requires fans made of materials that can safely withstand the temperature, pressure and other environmental extremes that can occur during production. To ensure safe operation, industrial fans in this industry must also be able to withstand potential contact with corrosive materials such as chlorine and sulfuric acid.

In addition to these safety aspects, industrial fans must also have a high level of reliability, as failures can lead to costly delays or even potential disaster scenarios. Finally, due to the large scale of many installations in this industry, industrial fans must be able to handle large volumes of air while maintaining their efficiency and operability.

By meeting all of these stringent requirements while paying attention to energy efficiency, POLLRICH as a manufacturer is able to provide our customers with the safest and most reliable industrial fan solutions available on the market today.

Customized solutions for your individual needs

POLLRICH offers customized solutions to meet the unique needs of our customers. Within a broad product range, our customers can choose from a variety of materials, sizes and styles to find the perfect solution for their application. From simple components to complex assemblies, POLLRICH can work with customers to develop a custom solution to meet their needs. This flexibility allows our customers to meet their individual needs while benefiting from the quality and innovation of POLLRICH's customized solutions.

Maximum efficiency, low cost and low noise level

Thanks to state-of-the-art processes and technologies, you get a product with maximum efficiency, making it the ideal choice for any company looking for a cost-effective solution. In addition, a low noise level allows it to work in environments where noise emissions are otherwise a problem. Benefit from an efficient as well as customer-centric production process and competitive pricing when working with POLLRICH. You can maximize your budget without sacrificing quality or productivity. State-of-the-art technologies and continuous development, as well as comprehensive services, help ensure that your goals and expectations are met.

Advanced design features that ensure reliability and durability

Reliability and durability are essential features to consider in the design of your industrial fan. Advanced design features play a critical role in meeting these requirements. These typically include material selection, strength analysis, validation of assembly and manufacturing processes, fatigue analysis and more.

Material selection is about meeting all the criteria required for the product's application. Strength analysis helps determine if the material can withstand the stresses it will be subjected to during its lifetime. Validation of the assembly and manufacturing process ensures that everything is done correctly during the production process, while fatigue analysis looks at how much stress a part can withstand over time before it fails.

Advanced design capabilities also include finite element modeling (FEM), which allows our engineers to accurately analyze all of the industrial fan's components and predict how they will react under various conditions. This technology allows them to tailor designs for specific applications so they can achieve maximum efficiency and performance with minimal weight and cost. Other areas such as tribology (the study of friction between moving surfaces), lubrication theory, surface treatment technology, corrosion control measures, etc. also play a role in developing reliable and durable products.

Overall, advanced design features give engineers an advantage in developing reliable and durable products. The right combination of material selection, strength analysis, assembly process validation, fatigue analysis, FEM modeling techniques, tribological studies and much more provides an excellent platform for the success of development projects where reliability and durability are of paramount importance.

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